Huffman coding | Greedy Algorithm

Steps for the Huffman coding scheme are mentioned below:

  1. Steps for creating Huffman tree algorithm with given input characters and frequencies
  • Step 1- Take two characters with the lowest frequency i.e., newline (\n) and S, and create two leaf nodes for \n and S.
  • Step 2- Their sum of frequencies will be stored in a parent node. So, 4 (sum of \n frequency 1 and S char 3) will be stored in the parent node.
  • Step 3- Taking the next lowest frequency, which is T with frequency 4 will get added beneath and the next parent node will again be the sum of T frequency (4) and the previous parent node (4), making 8.
  • Step 4- Repeat step 3, until we get the highest parent node value compared to other frequencies.
  • Step 5- After the parent node with value 18, create a new subtree following the step-1 and step-2.
  • Step 7- Its frequency will again add to its next parent node.
  • Fill the value of left traversal with value 0 and right traversal with value 1.
  • Traverse down through the character from the main node.

Advantages of Huffman Coding

  • It saves a lot of storage space
  • Generates shorter binary codes for encoding
  • Codes generated are prefix-free

Disadvantages of Huffman Coding

  • The lossless data encoding technique, therefore, is suitable for only encoding text and programming files.
  • A considerably slower process.
  • Differences in binary length codes make it difficult for decoding software to detect whether the data is corrupted or not.




Software Engineering Student

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Shruti Sinha

Shruti Sinha

Software Engineering Student

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